Sellers Checklist

  1. Organise Items: Sort through your items and decide what you want to sell. Clean and arrange them neatly for display. Categorise items (e.g. clothing, electronics, toys) to make browsing easier.
  2. Price Items: Price your items clearly. Use stickers or labels to indicate prices, and consider offering deals for bundled items. Keep prices reasonable and competitive.
  3. Packaging and Bags: Bring carrier bags, boxes, or other packaging materials to help buyers carry their purchases. Additionally, have some small change in cash to provide change to buyers.
  4. Display Equipment: Bring tables, blankets, or display stands to showcase your items attractively. Elevated displays make it easier for shoppers to see your products from a distance.
  5. Advertising Materials: If you have larger or more valuable items, consider creating signs or posters with more details and pricing information.
  6. Change and Cash: Ensure you have enough change and small denominations of cash to facilitate transactions. A money float is essential.
  7. Bags and Wrapping: Bring bags or wrapping materials to protect fragile items and help buyers carry their purchases.
  8. Pricing Strategy: Be prepared to negotiate but also have a general idea of the lowest price you’re willing to accept for each item.
  9. Weather Preparations: Check the weather forecast and be prepared for various conditions. Bring items like a canopy or umbrella to provide shade or shelter from rain.
  10. Promotional Materials: If you’re a regular seller or have your own business, bring business cards or promotional materials to hand out to interested buyers.
  11. Clothing and Comfort: Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. You’ll be on your feet for most of the day, so comfort is key.
  12. Portable Seating: Consider bringing a foldable chair or stool to take short breaks.
  13. Extra Supplies: Bring extra batteries, extension cords, and any tools you might need for last-minute setup adjustments.
  14. Knowledge of Restrictions: Be aware of any rules, regulations, or guidelines.
  15. Arrival Time: Arrive early to secure a good spot. Popular car boot sales can get crowded quickly, so arriving early gives you a better chance to set up in a prime location.

Remember, the more organised and prepared you are, the smoother your experience will be at the car boot sale. Happy selling!